Electrical Wizard: How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World

Electrical Wizard

Electrical Wizard: How Nikola Tesla Lit Up the World, by Elizabeth Rusch; illus. by Oliver Dominguez. This narrative biography explores the intense rivalry between Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison while examining and explaining the science behind Tesla’s many accomplishments using electricity. This book will inspire young scientists everywhere!


What Floats in a Moat?

what floats in a moat

What Floats in a Moat? by Lynne Berry; illus. by Matthew Cordell. Berry has delivered a book that will appeal to those who love nonsense and rhyme as well as those who love science. Kids will delight in the zany actions of Archie the Goat and his sidekick Skinney the Hen!

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein

On a Beam of Light

On a Beam of Light: A Story of Albert Einstein, by Jennifer Berne; illus. by Vladimir Radunsky. Young readers are invited to travel along with Einstein on a journey full of curiosity, laughter, and scientific discovery. A moving story of the powerful difference imagination can make in any life – with the added benefit of very clear descriptions of difficult scientific topics.